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The very first fully functional skate park in the heart of Accra

On the 15th of December 2021, the family of the Surf Ghana Collective is beyond excited to bring the Freedom Skatepark, the motherland’s very own skatepark, to Ghanaians. This project is a massive step in the best possible direction for the youth of Ghana to explore the beautiful nature of skating on the grounds of the Freedom Skatepark, located at East Legon.

The hands-on team of Wonders Around the World and the Surf Ghana collective brought such an incredible vision to life with the Freedom Skatepark in the span of 30 days.

The Collective Surf Ghana, dedicated to galvanize the burgeoning skateboarding scene in Ghana, is pleased to announce the construction of Freedom skate park has been completed.

How did we make it happen? A one of a kind crowdfunding initiative

With the aid of social media, The Surf Ghana Collective made the most use of their online presence to solicit funds to give life to The Freedom Skatepark. Exactly one year ago, a campaign was launched online and was supported by the revered teams of Daily Paper and Off-White to put a completely different spin on adopting diverse means to introduce the skate culture made in Ghana to the world.

Influential figures worldwide such as Vans, Tony’s Chocolonely, AFD played also a huge part as well in supporting the narrative. Vans is supporting The Surf Ghana Collective to ensure skateboarding and surfing are as accessible as possible for the local community.

Through the build of The Freedom Skatepark and via the development of a surf community hub, Vans continues to the support youth culture by enabling creative self-expression through Action Sports, and helping lay the foundations for future generations in Africa.

More recently, Sports 4 Development and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ghana have also confirmed their participation.

People at freedom skatepark Ghana
Lady in army green joggers skatingWorking at freedom skate park
Freedom skatepark

About the Skatepark

Freedom Skatepark is a beautiful skatepark spanning 500 m2 in the heart of Accra, located at Shiashie in the  East Legon vicinity. The design of Freedom Skatepark is  a truly unique one including the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol “Fawohodie”, which represents independence, freedom and emancipation. This skatepark intends to soon become a home for the youth to truly and freely express themselves.

The Surf Ghana Collective will welcome the public from 9 am to 7 pm everyday, with special late-night sessions scheduled for Fridays and Sundays. Access to the park will be free of charge and users may have access to skating gears provided by Surf Ghana. The skatepark will have as part of its programs open sessions, free skate lessons, as well as women-only skate training.

Visit us

The park is open for visit by everyone, below you'll find our opening and closing hours, for a more comprehensive format take a look at the table

From 9am to 7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays
From 9am to 11pm on Friday and Sundays

We do not open on Mondays

Opening hours
Open session
Open session
Private session or
School session
Open session
Girls session
Open session
Private session or
School session
Night Session
(Open session)
Skate lesson
Open session
Skate lessons
Free session
Open session
Night Session
(Open session)

Skateboarding classes

Skate lessons start from Tuesdays to Sundays

Students will be trained based on their level of skating and age range

AGE: 5-10 Years | 10-18 Years | Adults

RATE: 50GHC per lesson (Discount applies to a purchase of packages and/or membership)

MEMBERSHIP: 100 ghs/year

1 Skate lesson
10 Skate lessons
25 Skate lessons
10% Off
10% Off
Private events
Added to guestlist
A sport and art hub to empower the creative youth of Accra

As more than just a simple skate ramp, Freedom Skate Park will include coaching programs, art workshops, a Wi-Fi cafe, and the country’s very first skate shop, to connect young Ghanaians and develop creative possibilities in an environment that promotes inclusivity.

A new recreational center right in the heart of Accra

It is Accra’s first recreational center, nestled in the heart of one of Accra’s trendiest neighborhoods to be a wonderful chance to develop sustainable tourism through skateboarding.

A new sport ecosystem that supports well being, creativity and entrepreneurship

Since 2016, Surf Ghana’s core mission has been to offer easy access to board sports for youth across Ghana. Presently, the ever-growing community of active skateboarders has created an ecosystem that supports well-being, creativity, and entrepreneurship that is all 100% Made in Ghana. This is a project for us — by us. We aim to use the inclusiveness of board sports as a bridge to urban sport life for Ghana’s most marginalized local population.

Surf Ghana also wishes to encourage the space as a training ground for Ghana’s possible inclusion in the skateboarding category of the 2024 Olympic Games.

The construction of Freedom Skate Park will solidify the growth of board sports in Ghana, and help the youth participate in creative activities that build confidence, self-esteem, and provide a valuable platform for self-expression.

A responsible process of production

Job creation will be paramount, as the overseeing of the site will be entrusted to local professionals. The Skate Park, made also in partnership with Wonders Around the World (WAW) and Space Accra, will be furnished with basic social and skate amenities to ensure the complex excels in high performance on a global stage. The construction will be executed by highly skilled local artisans, incorporating locally sourced and recycled materials.

Young African boy holding a skate board
Girl digging with shovel
Man wearing tshirt holding hammer
Lady in army green joggers skating
People at freedom skatepark Ghana
Young man on dreads using a headphone
Women smiling and working on Freedom skatepark
Workers on Freedom Skatepark site
Men working on Freedom skatepark site
Freedom skatepark
Young man smiling
Working at freedom skate park
Laying foundations at Freedom skate park